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Whether you seek catharsis through writing or want to share your knowledge on a subject, writing is a great way to communicate your feelings and emotions. Not to mention, it is a great catalyst for healing!

No matter what your goal is with writing...Rule No.1 - WRITE EVERYDAY

Maybe you’re at that stage of life where you've been through some things, or you've learned valuable lessons personally and professionally and you want to share what you've learned. Perhaps you’ve thought about redefining your life to create more meaning, and writing will help you do that...But, you have no clue where to start! 

This is where I come in. 

  • New to this? Let me help you get into a practice of writing daily, so you create a habit of being a productive writer

  • Have a book idea you want to share with the world? I can help you get those ideas out of your head and onto the page, so you can start creating more meaning in your life

  • Already created a first draft and not sure what to do next? I'll share my system to help you build your author platform


    If you're ready to take the first step to advance your writing, start by joining a community of writers and get my FREE #WriteLifeWednesday weekly writing prompts

If you've had enough writing practice and inspiration, then go ahead and schedule an appointment with me below ⬇︎


Book Development

You know you want to write a book. You have an amazing story to share, one that has the capacity to help, inspire and encourage so many people.

Let me help you take out the guesswork from writing and publishing your book. 

  • Do you need help getting started, creating an outline, conducting research, or remaining motivated while writing? If so, I can help as your Developmental Editor.

  • Do you feel confident with your outline, concept, and ability to stay on topic and motivated, but need help with tone, flow, transitions, and overall effectiveness? If so, I can undergo a Content Edit.

Enough of those ideas sitting on the shelf! Let’s talk about how you can get your book out NOW.


Pre-Publishing Services

Preparing your manuscript for submission can be done as simply as letting me help you get ready to be published. Let my team work to help you take care of your pre-publishing needs. See more below:

  • Do you feel confident about your manuscript and want it to stay as-is, with just minor revisions for syntax, spelling, punctuation, and other sentence-level errors? If so, arrange with me for a Copyedit.

  • Has your manuscript already been edited for any or all of the above, and just needs another vetting for remaining errors? If so, contact me for a Proofread.

Other services I provide:

  • Minor Formatting

  • Book Cover Design

  • Copyright Registration

  • ISBN Number Assignment

  • Pre-order Campaign Preparation

Custom Website Design

Rates starting at $300

If you need help getting a face for yourself or your business on the internet, you’ve come to the right place!

I specialize in helping creatives, startups and micro-business owners set up their websites (one-page and multi-page) in Squarespace, and even train them to manage the back office.

Click below to check out my web design portfolio!


"I have always thought creating a website would be difficult. Now I've realized it does require some skills, but Mellany was thorough and patient during the entire coaching session. Her passion and excitement in teaching the subject matter made me excited about learning something new."

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