My Book Signing and Launch Party Weekend

As one of my clients prepares to launch her book this month, I am transported back to November 20, 2016, when I launched my book. I remember being so nervous; I thought everything was going wrong up to the time of the launch, which was held at 33 Lafayette Tapas & Wine Bar in Brooklyn.

I was also celebrating a milestone birthday on that day also, so one of my besties form Atlanta arranged a long weekend of celebratory activities from Thursday to Sunday. I have to say this was my best birthday ever! And I vowed after that to continue celebrating BIG every year. Ok, I fell short last year but I intend to redeem this 2018! Be ready!

kas and gang.JPG

Friends and family came from cities across the US and the Caribbean and it was truly an amazing time. 

← This is just one of the fun photos we took exploring Manhattan on Friday. (here we are on the High Line looking like a crazy bunch of tourists).

On the day of the launch, everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, The books which I picked up from a local printer the day before hadn't completely dried. It was colder than ever. I forgot my dress at the hotel in Upper Manhattan and my Uber had to turn back, so I got to the venue in Brooklyn later than I originally planned. I still had makeup to do. Thank God for the support of friends who decided to help set up in my absence. Whooo, chile!

Anyway, things went smoothly after that. My buddy, Rae Holliday, showed up as promised to host the Q&A portion of the event and I will be ever grateful to him. Out of the launch, I got a few radio interviews and a feature for my book in African Voices magazine in April 2018.

That day was a rock star moment for me and I am reminded of the Nora Ephron quote that says,

"Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim."

Everyone received a special note from me in their book(s) that day. Going forward I will forever remember this moment, but also use it to inspire and encourage my clients to step into their rockstar moments because:

  • 1. They deserve it

  • 2. Their story is unique

  • 3. They are the heros and heroines of their lives

Mell Payn